Web series taking place in Madison joins local actors and creatives


Jacob Ennis, Managing Editor

“Chic” is an indie web series being shot in Madison that highlights the joys and pains of indie film producing. With local actors, points of interest and businesses “Chic” promises to add to the small but growing Madison area film industry. It also promises comedy, drama and sex with a plot.

Producing an indie movie is not an easy task, and producing an indie adult movie makes that task harder. Director of the movie being made in “Chic,” Margo, (Sarah Hesch – who is also the writer of “Chic”) and actress, Gwen, (Alissa Kulinski) are sick of the money-hungry large production house that they work for. They decide to go it on their own and make an independent adult film that mimics the “porn chic” era of the ‘70s.

Gwen is your typical 20-something actress outside of the job, with all the pressures of a starving artist in the independent film community. Margo is a very driven director who, along with Gwen, wants to make the movie about more than just sex.

The production company of the series is 4114 Production House of Madison, which was founded by Sarah Hesch in 2012 with long-time colleague, Chris Snapp. By being based in Madison and enlisting actors from the area, along with getting support from local businesses such as the Barrymore Theater, among others – who have allowed shooting to be done on their property – the 4114 Production House is working hard at achieving a goal of strengthening the Wisconsin film community. Their mission is to produce local and distribute global for free, online.

Hesch said one of the reasons that Madison is a great place to shoot this series is because the building architecture helps ‘70s feeling of the series. Also, it’s good for the community that she and all of the rest of the actors of the series live in. She wrote the series in Madison with local places in mind.

“Chic” is a three-season web series in which the pilot is slated to be aired in May. Season one will focus on the pre-production process of film making while seasons two and three will focus on the production and post-production, respectively. Each season will contain six 22-minute episodes that will be available for viewing on 4114 Production House’s website, film-local.com.

The series stars other local actors such as Tim Towne, who has worked with Hesch on previous projects including the award-winning “A Fairly Normal Love Story” (2011) from the 48-Hour Film Project. Locals, Brandon Grinslade and Kevin O’Heron also star in the series, and have both worked on previous Madison film projects such as “The Worm and the Poodle” (2012).