Movie review: ‘007: Skyfall’

Tom Richardson, Staff Writer

Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig. These are the actors who had the honor of playing Ian Fleming’s most famous character creation on the big screen. Daniel Craig takes on Bond again for the third time in “007: Skyfall,” the 23rd Bond film by director Sam Mendes.

Bond is after a man who has a computer hard drive with classified information about his fellow MI-6 agents. Things start to spiral out of control, as a former MI-6 agent (Javier Bardem) comes out of hiding and wants to pursue a sick-minded revenge plot against the people who ruined his life. The former MI-6 agent discovers some enemy weaknesses and is on a quest to hurt Bond in the most painful way possible, Bond undergoes one of his most lethal missions yet.

“007: Skyfall” gives fans what they want with a Bond film. This includes a excellent storyline, terrific action scenes and it even homages to some older Bond films. There is also some foreshadowing as to where this secret agent franchise may go throughout the next few years. Javier Bardem’s villainous performance as the former MI-6 agent, should have universal praise by all Bond fans.

As fantastic as this experience is, “007: Skyfall” runs into problems while on its cinematic mission. Some viewers may find that the film’s absence of action goes on for too long, at times. The next problem is up for debate, but some may find the new actor who plays the third reincarnation of “Q”, is young and not comedic enough for the role.

Overall, “007: Skyfall” gives the Bond fans what they will want and it may even attract some new viewers to this long-running secret agent franchise.