Pastries set the standards at People’s Bakery

Katrina Simyab, Clarion Arts and Culture Editor

Tucked away on East Wash is an unassuming building with the words “People’s Bakery” on the side in red letters. Headed by an endearing older couple, this restaurant specializes in authentic Lebanese cuisine and pastries.

The restaurant itself is fairly small and upon entering is cluttered with an assortment of random artifacts. Acrylic paintings and framed holograms line the walls. In one corner of the room there is even a table full of potted plants for no apparent reason.

None of the napkin holders had napkins in them. It also was unapparent as to where or when you actually placed or paid for your order.

The gyro plate is a significant amount of food for its price. The lamb is freshly shaved, and the yogurt “tzatziki” sauce is fantastic. The gyro was also served with fresh lettuce and hummus. However, the meat in the dish was a bit dry, and didn’t stand out as a juicy, delicious gyro like one might hope for.

The chicken pita sandwich is also quite large for its meager price of $4.50. If you don’t slam one of these on the regular, you’re going to need a take home box. This sandwich is one of many great alternatives for those who don’t like the lamb meat in gyros.

Both entrees are completely stuffed with meat and sauce, but neither one is overpowering. The bread stood strong, as it was able to maintain its composure and not get soggy which is a positive attribute.

All of the food is priced fairly and put together well. On the other hand, nothing on the menu really resonates with the common food-goer looking for a regular joint to frequent. People’s Bakery is a great place to try something new without spending a lot of money.

Overall, the food at People’s Bakery is good but not outstanding. However, their lack of “umph” on the menu is radically trumped by their delicious array of pastries.

On display in a large case are many different kinds of tantalizing donuts, pastries and cakes. Most, if not all, of the pastries are made fresh daily. For only $8.50 it is possible to fill a whole large box with an assortment of one dozen pastries.

The pastries themselves are amazing! A normal donut tastes like it’s been made out of croissant dough and literally melts in your mouth. The custard in the filled donuts is “homemade” and fresh.

There are other assorted bear claws and filo-dough twists that have pretty streaks of red raspberries or dark blueberries pulled through them. Even thought there is a surplus of donuts with many options to choose from, none of them taste “mass produced.”

In conclusion, People’s Bakery has its regular slew of customers who have their favorites. Because of this stability, the restaurant doesn’t try to impress new patrons. Instead, they have a “take it or leave it” atmosphere for those willing to try some legitimate Mediterranean food. Though when it comes to sweet confections, there is  a delicious type of donut to suit anyone’s taste.