Hookah Lounge: Mediterranean flare at local lounge

Ross Schuette, Staff Writer

The Mediterranean Hookah Lounge may be situated in trailer park, but the interior atmosphere provides an astounding contrast. The dimly lit, low-key restaurant with a full bar proves to be an ideal spot to spend an evening. Comfortable seating and a friendly wait staff further welcome you to the restaurant.

The venue provides a variety of ethnic Mediterranean choices, and even a few delicious American options. Appetizers range from grape leaves, which consist of rice, vegetables and spices wrapped in grape leaves and oil, to calamari or a to die for mound of beer-battered French fries.

On top of a non-conventional menu, the restaurant provides a quite a few additional services. As the name implies, hookahs are available with the meal. The hookah, a water pipe used for smoking flavored tobacco, accentuates the relaxed environment of the restaurant. One rental is $19, lasts for 90 minutes, and is sufficient for 2-4 people. The list is composed of 20 flavors of tobacco, exhibiting tastes such as strawberry, watermelon, or lemon mint, among others.

The hookah service is excellent. The servers set it up in back and bring it out ready to go for you. They make sure the coals are okay and adjust them when necessary. The hookah itself is a great experience. Cool, flavored smoke effortlessly fills your lungs with no coughing or burning.

Long exhales and decreased oxygen to the brain provide for a soothing smoke session. Smoke rings can be made by the talented, or those desiring their own attention can talk through the smoke for a low voice induced, reverse helium effect.

Another service provided is the exquisite belly dancing. This hip-centered form of dance can be witnessed every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 8p.m. and 10 p.m. The dancer moves rhythmically to the music from table to table while people dine casually. It is an amazing display of extraordinary art and talent. If such talent gets inebriated diners in the mood to display their own musical capabilities, they are welcome at the karaoke bar across from the main dining room.

Overall, the Mediterranean Hookah Lounge is a great place to spend an evening. The service is good, the food well portioned and tasty, and the social atmosphere welcoming.

For only $20 you and your friends can take part in the fun experience with hookah and belly dancing, and maybe a little extra to help cover the nerves of getting up on stage to entertain the crowd. The unique combination is a rarity in Madison.