Event was a celebration of the success of students


Members of the Executive Leadership Team celebrate being named Outstanding Student Organization of the Year. (Clarion Staff Photo)

Kelly Feng, Managing Editor

The Student Success Awards Program celebrates the outstanding achievements of many of our students at Madison College. The annual event was on Thursday, April 27. Over 90 students were nominated in the various categories.
The Karen Roberts Student Life Leadership Award, the highest recognition for student leaders at the school was awarded to Elysia Phon, Honorine W. llboudo, Lily Weber and Wendpanga W. Tapsoba.
The Student Life Leadership Certificate was awarded to Wilfried Tapsoba, Kendrixe Mone, Ashley Mone, Ashley Belk, Char Braxton, Ousmane Nikiema, Grace Zongo, Tracey Nguyen and Ella Jiang. To achieve this award, students must complete 20 hours of civic engagement, hold a leadership position at the college, participate in leadership development activities and interview community leaders.
Other honors presented were:
Outstanding Student Employee of the Year – Christine Behling, Ousmane Nikiema and Savannah Steffen.
Devi Bhargava Award – Fabiola Salcedo and Cassandra M. Johnson.
Terry S. Webb Shared Governance Leadership Award – Elijah Lin.
Senate Merit Award – Nicolas Vera-Arroyo and Jovhany Michaud.
Student Excellence in Diversity Award – Luis Hernandez.
Student Ambassadors of Distinction – Gao Mai Lor, Nohaya Salifou, Barbara Gray and Rosa Gomez Rabanal.
Outstanding Club Advisor of the Year – Jenna Flemal.
Outstanding Student Group for Academic Achievement – Executive Leadership Team (3.9) and African Student Association (3.6).
Outstanding Student Club of the Year –International Interior Design Association, Campus Center.
Outstanding Student Organization of the Year – Executive Leadership Team.
Outstanding Student Group: Community Service – TRIO Student Support Services.
Outstanding Student Tutor of the Year – Ayden Alves, Grace Zongo and Todala Kendrixe Mone.
President’s Volunteer Service Award – Lifetime Achievement President’s Award, Katrina Veltrice Willis. Gold Level, Katrina Veltrice Willis. Bronze Level, Adam Frohmader, Rohith Ravikumar, Char Braxton, Juhun Kim and Zoe Toltzien.
Exemplary Learner of the Year, School of Academic Advancement – Jovhany Michaud and Precilia Dahn.
Exemplary Learner of the Year, School of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences – Brayden Locricchio and Taylor Ripp.
Exemplary Learner of the Year, School of Business & Applied Art – Emily Erdahl.
Exemplary Learner of the Year, School of Engineering, Science & Math – Camille Edinger and Francesco Carnevali.
Exemplary Learner of the Year, School of Health Sciences – Charlotte J. Kersten.
Exemplary Learner of the Year, School of Human & Protective Services, Law & Education – Jason Gonzalez and Tamara Brunner.
Exemplary Learner of the Year, School of Nursing – Maria Garcia Lara and Robin L Ostenson.
Exemplary Learner of the Year, School of Technologies & Trades – Angel Abaunza and Madelynn Vant Hoff.
Alternative Break Recognition – Tessara Clark, Mone Tobu Leila Ashley, Declan Musser, Ella Jiang, Madalyn Breunig, Andie Carlson-Dakes, Andrew Kranz, Cerise Pipson, Hassan Hashmi, Juhun Kim, Karma Tsedar, Kiah Zechzer, Lilian Schwictenberg, Madelyn Schultz, Mary Joan Nastri, Rachel White and Lisa Bach.
International Student Volunteer Award – Aïcha Koma, Honorine Wendyam llboudo, Wendpanga Wilfried Tapsoba, Mone Tobu Leila Ashley, Vimbai Juliet Mudzingwa and Barkwende Kevine Flore Nikiema.
WolfPack Volunteers Recognition – Cisco Garcia, Jordan Langendorf, Juhun Kim, Margrethe Blum, Rosa Gomez Rabanal, Saskie Schroetter, Mone Tobu Leila Ashley, Todala Mone, Zoe Toltzien, Adam Frohmader, Alejandra Gasca Carillo, Barkwende Kevine Flore Nikiema, Binta Diallo, Danny Her, Ebrima Camara, Evelyn Zadzilka, Juhun Kim, Michael Malone, Miguel Avila, Ousmane Nikiema, Yer Yang and Zoe Toltzien.
Distinguished Teachers of the Year – Dr. Steven Cybela, James Reichling and Brian Turner.