Podcast popularity continues to grow


Paige Shapiro, Staff Writer

Podcasts are your favorite shows, topics, blogs and random conversations that are all jumbled together on recordings for free or on apps like Spotify, with a large audience specified for whatever the listener wants to listen to. It’s a great way to clear your mind while doing mindless tasks, like doing the dishes, driving your car, doing everyday household chores and even brushing your teeth. It fills the void of your thoughts or silence and allows you to listen to so many different topics and conversations.
I for one, enjoy listening to podcasts every day to stay informed, to learn and to be entertained.
Normally, for my everyday podcast listening, I listen to “Dear Hank and John,” a podcast about the two brothers answering people’s questions from advice with very educationally informed answers (most of the time educational) on their part. Hank and John Green are very well known on the internet for creating loads of businesses and have created shows on YouTube like “Crash Course,” that many people in high school used to get through chemistry.
They also created SciShow on YouTube and own a sock business that goes to charity. John Green is well known for writing books like “Looking for Alaska” and “The Fault in Our Stars.” Together, they have created a huge impact on the Gen Z generation and continue to put out loads of interesting content.
Another podcast I listen to everyday is NPR’s “Consider This,” in which they pick a specific topic of news and focus on it for the episode.
For example, they have an episode where they speak about the Trump indictment, the Wisconsin Supreme Court election and about the controversy regarding TikTok and the government. They help make sense of major news stories and help readers understand how the news impacts them.
“NPR Now,” which I also listen to, is very similar to “Consider This,” but is about four to five minutes, every hour airing on the latest news.
A very popular podcast is “Therapy Gecko.” A man with green face paint who owns an abnormal amount of gecko costumes gets calls from random people, and they bring something to talk about that they are struggling with, or whatever they want to talk about. It’s very entertaining and sometimes he gets calls that blow your mind. Like a guy threw away his girlfriend’s roommate’s dad’s ashes.
If none of these piqued your interest, I highly suggest “Therapy Gecko” for anybody who thinks they would not be interested in podcasts. It’s a good starting podcast, because it’s a guy in gecko costume who just listens and talks with random strangers about their problems. What’s not intriguing about it?