Delta Alpha Pi empowers students with disabilities


Hannah Fleming, left, and Katrina Willis help preside over the Delta Alpha Pi international honor society induction ceremony. (Jackson Crossen / Clarion)

Iman Alrashid, Copy Editor

Delta Alpha Pi international honor society (DAPi) is a prestigious program that is committed to acknowledging and empowering the outstanding academic achievements, leadership abilities and advocacy endeavors of post-secondary students with disabilities.
DAPi was first established at East Stroudsburg University in Pennsylvania, but there are now over 170 chapters at different colleges. Madison College is one of the active chapters and works with many students who are highly achieved.
With immense enthusiasm, Anna Nickolai, the Senior Disability Resource Liaison, passionately described the ongoing success of DAPi semester after semester.
“We have 34 members enrolled in classes this spring in our Madison College Chapter of DAPi,” Nickolai said.
“We are excited to provide them with what they need to accomplish their goals,” Nickolai added.
The program at Madison College equips individuals with the necessary tools and resources to help them reach their goals and be well-prepared for the next step in their lives. Within this program, all members of DAPi work collaboratively in a supportive and organized environment, dedicated to assisting students who have enrolled in DAPi.
The well-being and success of students are greatly enhanced when they experience a sense of acceptance within their peer group. This creates a positive social environment where students can thrive and feel included. In addition, developing a level of trust with their advisor and/or mentor is crucial for students. This trust allows for open communication, guidance and support, which fosters a strong student-advisor/mentor relationship. Such support contributes to students’ academic endeavors, providing them with the confidence and motivation to pursue their educational goals.
To be eligible for initiation into Delta Alpha Pi international honor society (DAPi), students must meet specific criteria. These criteria include having a documented disability and working with one of the advisors in Disability Resource Services, or self-identifying as an individual with a disability. Additionally, students must have completed a minimum of 24 credits and maintain an overall Quality Point Average (QPA) of 3.10. Lastly, students should also demonstrate a genuine interest in disability issues. Meeting these requirements allows students to be considered for initiation into DAPi, a prestigious honor society recognizing academic achievements and involvement in disability-related matters.
During the initiation ceremony into the Delta Alpha Pi international honor society (DAPi), students commit to a powerful pledge. They vow to uphold their pursuit of academic excellence, show leadership in advancing the rights of individuals with disabilities, serve as positive role models for students with disabilities, advocate for themselves and others with disabilities and actively participate in educational events through their involvement in Delta Alpha Pi honor society. This pledge reflects the dedication and commitment of DAPi members to promoting inclusivity, advocacy and excellence within the disability community and beyond.
“It’s truly inspiring to witness the diligent efforts of students as they strive to accomplish their goals. It brings immense satisfaction to see them preparing themselves for the next chapter in their lives,” Nickolai said.
The primary mission of DAPi is to celebrate and provide support for these exceptional students as they strive for excellence in their educational pursuits.