New theater collaboration

Bartell to host spring show for Madison College


Steve Noll

“Bad In Bed (A Fairy Tale)” will open on March 3 in the Bartell Theater.

Jordan Hake, Staff Writer

Madison College Performing Arts and Madison Theatre Guild are partnering to produce a one-of-a-kind romantic comedy “Bad in Bed (A Fairy Tale),” written by Karen Saari. This play takes place March 3 through 11 at the Bartell Theatre in Madison.
This play is a direct collaboration between the students of Madison College who are in the Stage and Entertainment Certificate and the Madison Theatre Guild, the oldest community theatre group in Madison.
This play is a romantic comedy about old friends, unrequited crushes and a Scandinavian sex curse.
The play starts with two old friends deciding to have a boy’s weekend to drown their sorrows of single-ness: Charles, whose third wife just left him, and Jack, who was recently broken up with.
When a college friend Betsy happens to be rolling through town promoting her new bestselling book, “Bad in Bed (A Fairy Tale),” they all decide to meet up.
Betsy reveals a secret from their college days and Charles decides that it is the root of all of his relationship problems.
Written by Saari, the External Communications Director at Madison College, and directed by Allen Ebert, an Executive Director of Children’s Theatre of Madison, this play is full of much heartbreak and humor.
Do not miss the opportunity to see this play being performed for the first time ever at the Bartell Theatre right here in Madison.