Swagat features Indian cuisine


Iman Alrashid

Swagat has locations in Madison and Sun Prairie.

Iman Alrashid, Copy Editor

Do you like Indian food or a quite classy restaurant? Swagat is the right place for you.
Inside, you will be greeted with one of the most serene ambiances. The dining room is big, comfortable and classy. The menu is long and contains a lot of great choices. All diverse kinds of meals: chicken, beef, seafood and vegetarian, besides appetizers and desserts. Also, the stylish atmosphere speaks of elegance and class.
There are two locations in Madison, one in the far west of Madison and a new one that opened in Sun Prairie a couple of months ago at 298 South Grand Ave. Parking in the area is something you do not need to worry about.
I went with my family to the Sun Prairie Swagat for a nice dinner, which turned into a fabulous one. It was not just the tasty food; the staff was super friendly, and the service was quick.
We ordered garlic naan bread; it tasted fresh and amazing. You taste the butter, the cheese and the fresh garlic with a touch of fresh herbs.
My family ordered the chicken tikka masala, grilled chicken cooked in a buttery, creamy sauce with curry. It was spicy with an earthy flavor, served with white steamed rice.
If you cannot handle spicy food, make sure to order your meal medium or mild.
I am a vegetarian, and Swagat was a good place for me because it has many vegetarian choices. I ordered malai kofta and it was yummy! Creamy curry sauce and crispy dumplings stuffed with vegetables tasted delicious alongside steamed rice.
In Swagat bite into some of the most delectable Indian meals. Each meal costs around $20. I found it at a fair price.
It is a nice restaurant with tasty food. So, if you want to go with family and friends to have a portion of delicious food and an enjoyable time, Swagat is the right place.