Many parking and commuter options are available at Madison College


Andres Sanchez / Clarion

Students who need transportation to campus can obtain a Madison Metro bus pass from the Student Life Office at the Traux Campus or the Goodman South Campus.

Lillian Coppelman, Editor In Chief

Now that the fall semester has started, many incoming students at Madison College will need to get their vehicles registered or other commuter options settled. There are some general dos and don’ts for on campus parking,
To register your vehicle for on campus parking, students should go to and fill out the necessary forms. Your vehicle should be registered within 24 hours after submitting the form. There is also a form to pay off parking citations; any unpaid citations could result in suspension of your vehicle registration.
Students are also recommended to get to school early in the case of busy parking, though there is an overflow lot off Straubel Street if the other parking lots fill.
When parking, you should watch out for where you park your car. You should not park in an employee parking lot, marked stall or on the grass. Doing so may result in a parking citation. Make sure to lock your doors and leave your valuables out of plain sight when leaving your vehicle to prevent theft from occurring.
There are other commuter options available for students who do not have a vehicle. BCycle is a fantastic way to get around Madison. There are 60 BCycle stations around Madison, including at Commercial Avenue, Goodman South and Truax campuses. Using the promotion code, MATCSTUDENT, you can save 60% on the annual membership. If registered before Oct. 1, the annual membership is further discounted to $20. As there is no longer a shuttle service between Commercial Avenue and Truax, students who attend Commercial Avenue who sign up to be a BCycle member will have their Fall 2022 commuter fees refunded.
Madison College Shuttles run between Truax and Goodman South Campus Monday through Friday. The shuttles are available to students who are currently enrolled in classes and to staff, though students are the main priority for the service.
To board the shuttle, students are required to have their Madison College OneCard in hand. For more information about the shuttle’s schedules, visit
Students may also register for a Madison Metro bus pass. Students who are not enrolled in degree credit classes can purchase a commuter bus pass for $50 either at the Truax Campus Bookstore or the Goodman South front desk.
Degree credit students are eligible for an unlimited ride bus pass as the program is funded by student fees. The only requirement is that degree credit students must be taking at least on-site class to qualify. Students can visit if they have any questions.