Mallory Stone ready to lead the ‘Pack

New coach takes over volleyball program


Andres Sanchez Chirinos / Clarion

Madison College volleyball coach Mallory Stone watches her team compete on Aug. 24 in Redsten Gymnasium.

Kaleia Lawrence, Editor Emeritus

Madison College’s volleyball team is a program with a tradition of success. Since 2018, the program fielded four NJCAA All-Americans. More than 10 players got NJCAA or N4C athletic honors…with many more receiving academic honors. 

One thing the program has been missing recently is consistent leadership. A new head coach took over almost every season the past four years. With Quinn Lukens departure after one regular season, and one greatly limited by COVID-19, leading the team falls now into new hands. 

This summer, former Badger Mallory (Dixon) Stone was hired to become the 14th coach in program history. Stone will also serve as the college’s athletic performance coach, working with all student athletes.  

“She’s just got a great work ethic,” said Interim Athletic Director Jason Verhelst. “I think she’ll bring the same thing here as a coach.” 

The Wisconsin native is no stranger to the world of volleyball…though it wasn’t always where she wanted to be. 

“When I was little, I hated volleyball. I think just ’cause I was around it so much,” said Stone. “I told my mom that I was going to be a dancer instead.” 

But instead of taking to the stage, she took after her parents. They both coached at Manitowoc Lincoln high school, her mom, Mary Beth Dixon, as the head volleyball coach and her dad, John Dixon, as the head football coach before his passing in 2014 due to pancreatic cancer.  

After a career at UW-Madison where she claimed a runner up national championship, Stone headed to sunny California to compete as a Gamecock. After six years of collegiate volleyball, it was time to trade in the knee pads for a clipboard.  

“I kind of wavered back and forth of whether I wanted to coach, but once I was finally done with college volleyball it was pretty clear to me that I wasn’t ready to leave volleyball behind, and so that’s where coaching came in,” said Stone.  

Some experience she brings to the team other than her time on the court is coaching for local youth club volleyball teams and at camps. 

“It’s just so cool to see the developmental side of it and allow kids to grow both on the court but also as people,” said Stone. 

One aspect of coaching at the school that Stone is especially excited for is offering scholarships. When the athletics program makes the shift next year to Division II, players can get money to use for school.  

“That opportunity paired with the opportunity to be a Badger and go to UW Madison, you kind of have the best of both worlds,” said Stone.  

Stone will be supported by former Badger and teammate, Courtney Gorum and club director of MadTown Juniors, and Amy Angelos.