Therapist talks mental health

Focus of presentation was mental, emotional health


Luis Alcala Roblero

Dr. Al Felice speaks during a presentation in the Intercultural Exchange at Madison College on March 1.

Asime Ibraimi , Staff Writer

I bet that you have felt mental or emotional struggles in your life, but what really is the difference? This same question drew many students to the “Mental Health & Emotional Health- Conversation with Dr. Al Felice” event, hosted by PAC.  

The students and staff at Madison College were left astonished by Dr. Al Felice, a master therapist, trauma specialist, CEO and director of Cultural Bridges Treatment in Madison. 

On March 1, Dr. Felice came to Madison College to help us explore the roots and reality of emotional and mental health and teach us the difference.  

One of the many points Dr. Felice made was that only a small percentage, about 10 percent, of therapy patients have mental health problems, whereas the majority have emotional issues that happened throughout their life and trauma that affected them on a psychological level. This is critical because it changes how we view our approaches to our own mental and emotional status and how to cope.  

Though he covered a plethora of topics, it’s not only what he talked about; it’s also how he touched his audience that was profound.  

Gwen Hertz, a student said, “I was impacted by the changed in conversation. I really enjoyed the different perspective on ‘wellbeing’ that he brought to the table.”  

Another student, Luis D. Hernandez Ponce said, “This event made me want to continue fighting through what I’ve been going through. It made me feel like I could beat that unhealthy emotional state I was in.”  

Dr. Felice made attendees realize that most of what they are going through is emotional wellness and when those emotional burdens are taken care of, a person tends to feel better.  

When asked what he wanted the audience to remember every day, Dr. Felice said: “We are perfectly imperfect, resist wearing labels, forgive yourself truthfully and continue moving forward.”