The greatest hits from the cover group, The Piano Guys



A publicity photo shows members of the group, The Piano Guys.

Mary SeGall, Staff Writer

The Piano Guys are such innovators within the music industry for taking other artists’ songs and creating all new instrumental works of art. I am a huge fan of all that this group comes out with; I have been to a concert that was sensational! Their new album looks back at all their greatest hits, so I decided to review a few of my favorite songs.

My absolute favorite from this album is their rendition of One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful.” My speaking about it hardly does its justice. The way they use all different parts of the piano to create unique tones for the song is so beautiful. These guys really are musical geniuses! To truly get the full enjoyment of the song, you need to watch the video of the guys smiling and keeping beat while playing.

Number two on this album has to be “Cello Wars.” For all you Star Wars fans out there, you will want to check it out; trust me! There is a lightsaber duel in the video, Darth Vader and Luke Sky Walker make an appearance and all the classic Star Wars songs are covered, including “Star Wars” and “The Imperial March.” There is a dancing Chewie in it also. It’s very well made; the creativity of this group is beyond words.  

At number three comes a Disney classic, “Let It Go” from Disney’s “Frozen.” This song features “Let It Go” and Vivaldi to make a beautiful wintery and whimsical tune that you will want to play over and over; I did this for about three weeks, no joke! 

Number four is a Christmas classic that is always the first played in my household. This version of “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel” is as beautiful and delicate as you hope for a song to be during the cheeriest time of the year, a time for blessings and family and love. This song is great to have on when trimming the tree or making some Christmas cookies. I do just this every year.  

The last song I want to mention is “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri. I love how calm and beautiful this song is. They bring the piano to a beautiful, wooded forest and all you see are green trees swaying in the background. The rest of the world is silent; all you can hear is this song. For a moment, everything stands still. The mix of the piano and cello is so calming and relaxing that you can’t help but want to listen to more.  

This band is known for moving their piano all over the world on top of cliffs, in snowy mountains and in deserts for the most stunning view possible. There is no green screen with this band, it is all 100 percent real. This band has become a part of my life for their creativity, innovation and love for their fans.