Fitness center opening after spring break


Andres Sanchez / Clarion

The first floor of the fitness center will be filled with free weights.

Kaleia Lawrence, Editor in Chief

After many months of construction, the renovated fitness center will soon be open. It is planned that the facility will be open for use after spring break. While the exact date isn’t set in stone, it is expected to be late March or early April. 

There are many new amenities that will make the area better for everyone who visits the space. 

For the athletic side of things, there are new locker rooms which are already in use. The layout is open. In-season sports will work be in the main locker room, while off season teams will use the visitor locker room. There’s also a private bathroom stall and shower for athletes to use.  

With the previous layout, visiting opponents had to use the locker room for the general public. Now they will have their own locker room as well. Madison College sports that are out of season will be able to use the visitor locker rooms too. Coaches and officials will have their own space.  

A new training room will include more equipment to help with rehabilitation after injuries. Medicine balls can be thrown against a wall without disrupting outside areas. TRX suspension training can also be done in that room. Ice and other supplies will be in there as well. 

 Students who want to use the gym during open hours can check in at the front. There, you can check out a ball to use, volleyballs or basketballs.  

The fitness center has a very open layout, similar to the locker rooms. The first floor is where free weights are. The second floor is dedicated to cardio equipment. Everything is wheelchair accessible with an elevator that goes to the second floor.  

Also found on the second floor are administration offices. This is the first time that everyone will be on the same level. A recruitment room peers into the Redsten gymnasium with a large set of windows. The athletic director’s office also has a window looking into the gym.  

The fitness center and gym will be open to any students enrolled in a degree credit course.