Burger inspired by TV series is worth trying


Stuart Pate

The “Black Garlic Burger” was made from a recipe in “Bob’s Burgers Burger Book,” inspired by the TV series.

Stuart Pate, News Editor

The actual name of this burger is the “Bet it all on Black Garlic Burger” and is taken from the “Bob’s Burgers Burger Book,” inspired by the series, “Bob’s Burgers.”
In episode five of season five of “Bob’s Burgers,” failing artisan burger chef Bob Belcher has a chance at success in a burger contest. His secret weapon – black garlic.
Black garlic is most likely not to be found in your run of the mill grocery store. You’re going to need to go to a specialty store or, of course, find it on the internet. When opening the container of black garlic, you are met with a rich robust smell, like dark coffee. The skins of the individual garlic bulbs don’t so much peel as practically fall right off. Each bulb is very squishy yet dry, having the consistency of Play-Doh.
This recipe is special because of the umami flavor of the black garlic paired with the heat of siracha and balanced with fresh brightness of the baby spinach.

One pound 80/20 ground beef
Gouda cheese
½ cup mayonnaise
1 bulb black garlic – peeled
Baby spinach
4 buns

Puree the mayonnaise, black garlic bulb and siracha to taste in a food processor.
Divide the ground beef into four patties and fry for five minutes over medium heat. Flip once and place sliced gouda on top frying for five more minutes.
Place some baby spinach underneath the hamburger patty on the bund and spread some of the black garlic mixture on top.
Bite in.