Dune: Modern day cinematic art


Warner Bros. Entertainment/TNS

Pictured from left, are Zendaya and Timothee Chalamet in the film “Dune.”

Grant Nelson, Staff Writer

A film that is making history right now and one I would recommend to everyone is “Dune,” based on the books by Frank Herbert.  

The new film is the best on-screen adaption of the books I have seen. It has great acting, a great storyline, and an all-star cast including Zendaya, Jason Momoa and Timothée Chalamet.  

The film focuses on the coming of age of Paul Atreides, played by Chalamet. Atreides’ nobel house takes control of the planet Dune, given to them by the emperor of the Human Imperium. 

The story shows Paul developing empathic abilities as many factions in the Empire believe he is a chosen one  who will change the universe. As he grows into his powers, he has a vision of the future in which a great crusade is waged across the universe in his name and he is unable to stop it.  

The film is very true to the book in the way it depicts the heroes’ journey. In “Dune,” the hero is more of anti-hero. The story features a very gray sense of morality in which everyone is making choices that come at the expense of freedom and lives of others.  

Dune and the Empire are at the cusp of a civil war, as the great houses fight over the planet’s resources – a parallel to the war for oil in our world. Dune is the only planet where the mythical spice is found, an element that makes faster-than-light travel possible and gives great empathic ability to many throughout the Empire. Factions throughout the Empire battle for control of it through politics as well as the sword.  

I found the portrayal of Paul in this film to be very different from many failed attempts to portray the character through the years. 

In this version, he seems like a normal teenaged boy filled with fear and hate and being very passive, which shows new forms of heroes in film in my view.  

The special effects and battles are great, and the scenes are very artistic creating the look of a classic science-fiction epic.  

This film feels like our generation’s “Star Wars.” I would highly recommend going to this film as it is truly a piece of modern day cinematic art.