Students de-stress wil Frida Kahlo


Noely Bonilla paints during the Frida Kahlo painting party in the Intercultural Exchange.

Stuart Pate, Staff Writer

On Oct. 11, during Hispanic Heritage Month, the Intercultural Exchange hosted the Frida Kahlo paint party at Madison College’s Truax campus as well as online in hopes of giving students an opportunity to “de-stress” throughout these troubled times and at a high point in the current semester.  

“Midterms, FAFSA renewal, a global pandemic, the cost of buying milk and groceries. We know that our students go through a lot on a daily basis,” said Ro Encizo, senior student program advisor at Madison College.

 “A mental health break might just be what we all need right about now in the semester.” 

All materials were supplied for students to paint portraits of Hispanic feminist icon and artist Frida Kahlo.  

Kahlo was chosen as the subject of the event because she was ahead of her time.  

“She challenged identity, gender and human rights in the early 1900’s” said Encizo. “Kahlo believed in expressing the pain and challenges of women in a mostly patriarchal society.”  

Currently women still make 74 cents per dollar made by men and when it comes to Latina women it’s closer to 57 cents, notes Encizo.  

Afterwards each student got to take their paintings with them. The Intercultural Exchange hopes to provide a paint and de-stress event once a semester.