A new eye in the sky

WolfPack Athletics is live streaming in a whole new way


Kaleia Lawrence

A new Pixellot Artificial Intelligence camera system has been installed in Redsten Gymnasium to help broadcast Madison College athletic events. Similar cameras have also been installed on the outdoor athletic fields.

Paige Zezulka, Managing Editor

The Pixellot Artificial Intelligence camera system has brought a whole new ball game to Madison College.  

For the past few years, the college had been livestreaming sports events. But when the pandemic hit there was a shift in accessing technology. This created an opportunity.  

To make sure friends and family could easily see their student athletes compete, the college invested in a higher tech system that would benefit everyone.  

“I just knew the importance of it. I knew that we had to find a better solution and continue to innovate in order for us to continue to film everything for the games,” said Jason Verhelst, the Associate Athletic Director of Madison College. 

The Pixellot camera is specifically for AI-automated sports production. The production supports ESPN, the National Federation of High School network, European soccer and is seen all around the Madison community.   

They are now found at Madison College at the gymnasium, soccer field, softball field and one is soon to be installed for the baseball field.   

The multi camera system has four cameras that team up together in one housing unit. By using a stitching method, the camera can capture panoramic views of the entire playing field.  

Not only does the camera take high quality visuals, but it is able to follow an object, like a ball, with focused movement.  

“So out at soccer you’ll see the camera kind of following the ball or telling the other cameras within the bunch, ‘Hey, here comes the ball,’” said Verhelst.  

The camera is also water and weather resistant. So, existing through Wisconsin’s coldest winters is not a problem with the new upgrade.  

For years the college has taken much time, money, energy and planning to cover sport events.  

Now, nobody has to physically be on the scene of an event to record it and less equipment is needed.  

“You think of a baseball game. It could be six, seven, eight hours. So, we were essentially paying somebody six, seven, eight hours of work to do the camera. And that person may or may not be in 40-degree weather with winds and rain and cold,” said Verhelst, “So now we don’t have to worry about.” 

The camera also helps the athletes continue to grow in their sport. Coaches can now film their team practices and send clips from practice to their players. Providing video “teaching moments” for the college’s players “is something that our coaches have never been able to really do.” 

With the Pixellot’s online application, supervisors are also able to create highlights and use clips for social media to promote student athletes.  

People can watch all games for free on MadisonCollege.TV via the college athletic YouTube Channel: Wolfie WolfPack. There you can also see a list of upcoming live streams available.   

“All your games are going to be live streamed. Your mom and dad and the fans, wherever you are, can view your games,” said Verhelst, “Please watch us as at Madison College.TV.”