Graduation 2021

Congratulations to students and staff


Chris Bird / CLARION

Editor Anica Graney heroically volunteered to wear the Wolfie mascot costume. Please send condolence cards to The Clarion office.

Editorial Board

Every time graduation comes around it is inevitable that we all take a look back on the road that so many students have taken to make it to the finish line and receive their diplomas, certificates, and qualifications. They’ve done their assignments, showed up to all their classes, made it through many finals, and juggled work and life outside of school the whole time. This past year, the students have had to add dealing with a pandemic to that list of hurdles that had to be overcome. In any year, becoming a graduate is worth celebrating, but after we have watched this class of students navigate all of these obstacles, we want to say to the students that you have all been incredible.

If you are graduating this semester, chances are you were here last spring when we first transitioned to online learning in response to COVID. The shift was sudden and completely changed up the dynamic of most students’ learning environment, as well as the flow of their lives. There have been less opportunities to stay connected with others at the college and socializing, or participating in classes online can be difficult.

As a community, we all had to adapt to the times and be innovative to make sure that we could all keep moving forward. Staff had to find new ways to reach their students, the college and students had to make sure everyone had the tools needed to keep learning and we all learned the ins and outs of applications that we may never have interacted with if life had just proceeded as normal. For many, picking up these extra skills was not a part of the prescribed path to their degrees, but they did it anyway because that is what was asked of them.

After a year of the odds being stacked against having any sort of a normal final year at college, this class of 2021 has come out the other side and they deserve their moment in the spotlight. We still can’t present them with the usual fanfare, but don’t think that this moment deserves to pass without some celebration. Put on your robes and attend the virtual graduation ceremony on May 14 at 5:30 p.m., dance around your place, write a long line in your resume to say you are an expert in virtual meetings, get that new qualification of yours out of its envelope and just hang out with it and let it sink in that you have EARNED it.

So, here’s to the class of 2021, and to all of the staff, volunteers and fellow students who have stuck with them through their time here at Madison College. Unable to let their progress be stopped by any multitude of challenges, this year’s graduates have proven themselves. The staff of The Clarion would like to say congratulations, and we are glad to have known such a resilient and hardworking class of students.