Trustyle Salon Update



A mannequin head with a face mask on displayed at the Truax Salon.

Kaleia Lawrence, Opinion Editor

With the pandemic, many people have turned to at-home hygiene. This has resulted in many lopsided haircuts, ill-fitting bangs and shaved heads.
One day, I got sick of my long hair and wanted it chopped off. I submerged my hair into some cold water and threw it into a low ponytail. My friend grabbed the scissors out of the kitchen and cut it all off with an agonizingly slow chop. The results? Crooked.
If you don’t want to end up like me, visit the Trustyle Salon on the Truax campus.
Many services are still offered, despite the coronavirus. This includes hair care, coloring and styling services, as well as nail care services. They also offer skin care services, however, most of these are not offered due to the use of face masks.
All of these services are offered safely. There are only four students in the salon at a time, typically with two instructors on the floor to help out. Sanitizing is done to everything that you or your stylists touch. In addition, Barbercide is used to disinfect combs and scissors.
Not only are the services safe, but affordable as well. For a trim and to get a bang cut, it was only $10. To view all of their prices, visit, their Facebook page at Madison College Trustyle Salon or on Instagram at madisoncollegetrustylesalon.
You have to pay for your service with a credit or debit card, which is another safety precaution. However, you can leave your tip in cash.
In the program, the classes have just started to have some in person sections. Before that, like most programs, all classes were online. Jaimeson Leigh, a student in the program, recalled how she had to keep the mannequins in the bathroom which caused many frights as people walked in.
Going in and getting a haircut not only gives you a fresh new look, it helps the students out. Since the start of the pandemic, they’ve been forced to style mannequins only. When you go in, they’ll be able to get some more realistic practice.
Even though in person classes just began for the program, this hasn’t affected enrollment. Enrollment has actually increased. The pandemic played a part in that, said Sherri Gross, an instructor in the program. Gross said that lockdown gave people the time to explore what they were passionate about and decided to pursue it because nothing is guaranteed in life.
So if you’re in need of a COVID-safe cut, check out the Trustyle salon. You’ll get a high quality cut for a good price. Plus, you’ll be helping out a fellow student.