STEM Club update



A student works to put together a STEM club kit.

Eimy Gonzalez, News Editor

Science, technology, and great opportunities are just a few of things that the Madison College’s STEM club offers. Throughout the year they maintain their doors open to welcome students interested in joining a community which is constantly in the works of innovation and growth. This spring semester is not any different.
The STEM club, year-round, is filled with activities to satisfy the curiosity and learning inquiries of its members. There is a wide variety of projects, both new and ongoing, eager for new minds to contribute and add their own touch.
The projects and opportunities also serve as further academic and professional development. These can range from workshops to learn more about Arduinos to helping develop a tactile map of the Madison College campuses. There is also a project regarding solar panels and programming. There is no limit to the interests of their members, they can participate in as many projects as able to keep up with.
New ideas are also welcome. The STEM club and center are willing to listen to proposals made by students and, as long as these align with the goals of the center, they can assist with incredible resources to develop it. The interests of the members are a big part of the organization of the activities and leadership roles are always available.
The STEM center is a great ally and works closely with the club. It provides a space for members to meet as well as equipment and funds for the development of workshops or projects. In addition, because they are connected to different academic programs, they are able to connect the club with these resources to assist in the launching of innovative ideas.
With a new year and semester, it becomes a unique time to become involved in a club. It is an opportunity to be connected with like-minded individuals who share the same or similar passions, learning and developing useful skills that contribute to a personal growth. Furthermore, becoming part of a club or any activity can make the college experience even more satisfying.
“The opportunities available are fun and unique, something you wouldn’t get to do otherwise,” says Kevin Mirus, STEM club faculty advisor. It becomes an opportunity to try out workshops on the subject before diving into a full class, or it can become a fun learning experience without the stress of a 3-credit course.
To join, you can reach out to the STEM club through WolfPack Connect and send a request to join, otherwise, and for any additional questions, you can contact them through email at [email protected].

Arduino Project
For years, the STEM club and its members have had their eyes on an Arduino project. However, with no one interested on a leadership role to develop and guide it, it had been a challenge, but this semester is different. On the first week of March, workshops will begin with about 23 kits available for interested members. Arduinos are little micro-computer controllers with the availability to plug into different devices to control and collect data. The workshops will be from one to two hours long, imparted by the electronic instructor Andy Kurth. The basics of an Arduino, the set up, and light display, are some of things that will be covered within the workshop, along with the opportunity for participants to explore and work on their own with their Arduino.
It is a great opportunity as it can be learned as a beginner but then be developed in high end allocation technology, used in programming or for the recollection of data, just to name a few prospects. In the first meeting the days and hours of the workshops will be established. So, for any questions. you can contact Kevin Mirus, STEM club faculty advisor, at [email protected].

Tactile Map Project
For a more inclusive environment, the STEM club has been working on a tactile map to better assist visually impaired persons navigate around the campuses. It has been a project to look forward to as it not only adds to the college, but to the students currently working on it. As Madison College has always worked toward inclusiveness, this tactile map will add a precious tool to the community. In addition, it has provided STEM club members with an incredible opportunity to be of assistance while learning. A few of the subjects covered are 3D modeling, quality control, and the adequate research that needs to be done.
This project is complex and has been in the works for some time to ensure the quality it needs, and students and staff deserve. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, the work has been interrupted. However, Aaron Schattschneider, project lead, has made sure to continue the research and effort through virtual meetings. The project members meet through Teams once a month, for any question or to join, you can contact Schattschneider at [email protected].