Karben4 Brewing Igloos

Microbrew near campus tries a safer way to spend a night out



Made out of PVC and durable covers, these igloos limit contact with other groups to decrease the spread of COVID-19.

Chris Bird, Managing Editor

Karben4 brewing had its third week of bringing in customers to try out their version of a safer way to spend a night out while COVID is still an issue.
The brewery has set up igloos made up of PVC and durable covers. The interiors have been fitted out to suit customers who would like to dine-out.
“We have seven igloos. Right now, they are being capped at six people per igloo due to Dane County standards. Right now, we can’t have parties greater than six,” said Tap Room Manager Katie Herrera.
There are two styles of igloo, one has a table setup similar to inside a restaurant, and the other is filled with patio and lounge furniture. The igloos with the bigger tables are designed to be able to accommodate more people for the future, once the health regulations are no longer needed or have been relaxed.
Groups that can snag an igloo are able to place their orders via a QR code and their phones then pick up their orders at a drop off point nearby with minimal to no contact with others.
“This is our third week of soft openings, if you will. I’m trying to perfect our execution.”
The brewery is allowing customers to make reservations for the enclosures, but is still working on improving the experience and adapting to their new service style.
“We’re training the staff on proper cleaning techniques; we’re waiting for some furniture and details. We have lighting around the patio, but we want more lighting in the igloos,” said Herrera
The soft opening reservations have been extended through next Sunday and Herrera said that “by that date I feel we will be able to efficiently execute what we are wanting to do with these igloos.”
The past weekend was good for the brewery with 10 groups served on Friday, a fully booked 18 groups on Saturday, and 12 groups on Sunday.
Starting Monday, Dec. 7, Karben4 will also be able to process walk-ins, provided they have the space to accommodate a group. As they get more efficient in cleaning the igloos and fine tuning their setup, the staff are hoping to be able to serve more groups in a day. Expect the fee to be close to the fee for reservations on the service Tock at https://www.exploretock.com/karben4/.