Why Fall Is the Best Season 

Changing leaves, temperate weather, and crisp air all make fall the best season.

Adeline Holte , Staff Writer

There’s just something about autumn. The leaves falling, the crisp air, the decorations, some may even say the general vibe of fall is the ideal time. The weather, for one, is always perfectly temperate. Not too warm, not too cold, not too rainy, not too sunny.  

     Yeah, those things are great. But are they what really makes what makes fall so wonderful? What makes fall that beautiful, colorful, somehow-perfect time of year? 

     In my opinion, no. Sure, those things are great, and they make up one of the many beautiful things about fall, but to me, that is not what makes fall so magical.  

     When I think of autumn, I think of the warm colors, the good weather, the feel-good activities we can take part in. But I also think of the premise. The premise of fall, which to me, is the atmosphere and the place of mind it takes me too. The familiar, comforting feel of apple cider and warm sweaters. Fall is the premise of my favorite books and shows, which has turned the season into a comfort. A premise and a place we all know and love. 

     There are some things about fall I am sure people don’t like. Maybe some people don’t like fall at all. To a lot of us, though, that comforting feel and familiar comfort of the season is something we look forward to every year. And for those reasons, I am one of the people that will agree that fall is the best season.