Childcare Center Doubles in Size


Anica Graney / Clarion

The new Childcare Center will complete construction by Dec. 18 and will open on Jan. 19.

Michelle Meyer, The Clarion Business Director 

The Madison College Childcare Program has remained open during the pandemic with an experienced team of childcare providers. The Childcare Program is prioritizing multigenerational health over maximizing occupancy. In response to statewide protocolsthe Childcare Program is working diligently to minimize risks for children and staff.   

Donna Jost, Manager of the Child and Family Center, describes the situation – everyone over the age of two wears a mask, group play has been replaced by individual sensory stations and the center’s number of children and staff is limited. Parents can no longer come in the building for pickup or drop off. The MC childcare staff communicates with children’s families via an app, sending images to caring students and staff.  

Despite these many changes, Jost says the extra cleaning, sanitizing and handwashing were already part of Childcare Program procedures. The Madison City Accredited Childcare Program stays goal focused during the pandemic. Jost said, the new facility construction and move in date are on schedule. The new childcare center will open on Jan. 19, 2021 

Despite the move to a new facility, the Childcare Program will continue to follow the pandemic guidelines set by Gov. Tony Evers on March 18. The expansion was intended to provide pre-k care from 30 to 50 children, including infants. However, the staff and student count will be limited by state mandates. “The pandemic protocols will need to continue,” said Jost. 

In the face of pandemic restrictions, Jost says the program is continuing to raise their standards with a goal of receiving a National Childcare Accreditation in January 2020. As the program manager, Jost envisions the future Madison College Childcare Program as multicultural, actively working to truly reflect an antiracist environment.  

“The construction timeline was minimally affected by the 2020 pandemic, Jost saidConstruction only slowed as a result of delayed material shipments. The construction will be finished on Dec. 18. Jost plans to move to the new building over winter break.  

Aspects of the childcare program will change based on the new facility, but the quality of care will not be limited by the pandemic or the move. MC students, staff, and faculty can be reassured that their children will be safe at the new Child and Family Center.  

During the interview, Jost spoke about how MC student families can qualify for childcare scholarships and enroll in the upcoming semesters. The steps include filling out a Child Care Interest form at Then, the student’s family will be included in a waiting pool, where scheduling is considered as openings become available. Once the Interest Form is finished, the family can offset program costs through Madison College Foundation Scholarships, Pell Grants and Federal Child Care Access Means Parents in School Program (CCAMPIS). The students which receive scholarships for childcare must complete a Wolfie Wallet Module, maintain a 2.5 GPA and currently be enrolled in 6 credits.