Don’t let the cold weather stop you from staying active 

Plenty of ways to stay fit even as the weather cools


Maia Latrhop

Clarion Illustration By Maia Latrhop

Hannah Dotzler, Copy Editor

Every year, as the weather is beginning to turn, people often wonder how they will stay active in the colder, fall monthsThere aren’t as many places to go, and the harsh weather can make working out feel like more of a punishment. However, people do not realize that there are still plenty of ways to exercise, even when it is chilly outside! 

During the fall, there are several things you can do outdoors that will help keep you active. One of the best ways to stay fit through September, October, and November is by going hiking, jogging, or biking. People sometimes assume that it is too cold outside to do these activities, but they do not realize that fall is actually the best season for these basic, full-body workouts!  

Cardio exercises work out your entire body, raise your heart rate, and get your blood pumping. This, in result, makes you sweat quickly. Summer can often be too hot for these workouts because of how easily they can make you sweat, so fall weather is most ideal for them. If you want a quick but effective workout, go for a jog around your neighborhood. If you want a longer but less intensive exercise, go for a bike ride with your friends and family. Or, if you want to stay active and see the beautiful colors of fall all at the same time, go for a hike. There are plenty of parks all around the state that offer amazing hiking trails as well as gorgeous, autumn scenery.  

However, if there happen to be a few days where it is just a little too cold outside (which is a very real possibility in Wisconsin!), don’t worrythere are plenty of ways to stay active inside as well! Following workout videos, going to the gym, or trying a new exercise class are all great indoor options. 

People used to have to pay for workout videos, but now, you have access to thousands of them for free through YouTube! This is great because not only do they cost nothing, but you can find a video that is perfect for you. If there is a specific part of your body that you want to target, such as your abs or arms, all you have to do is search for it! And, if you have a limited amount of timeor want to dedicate a good hour or two to exercisingthere’s workout videos that range from just a few minutes to hours long! If workout videos are not your cup of tea, however, maybe going to the gym is more your style. Gyms offer an abundance of different workout equipment, and they are all indoors, making them a great go-to exercise spot no matter what the weather. If you have your own equipment at home (such as a treadmill or elliptical), be sure to take advantage of that when it is chilly out too! If these options are boring or too routine for you, the last option is to try a new workout class. Most classes are indoors, so you do not have to worry about freezing on cold days. There are so many types of classes available to choose from, such as yoga, kickboxing, or spin biking, that there is sure to be one that sounds exciting to everybody! 

Do not let the colder weather that fall brings scare you away from working out. There are plenty of fun and effective ways to stay active both outside and indoors. This season, try to take advantage of all the exercise options that autumn brings!