Love Trumps Money  

Understanding the vital role love plays in life 


Paige Zezulka

A mural on a wall in Brooklyn, N.Y., reminds people of the importance of love.

Paige Zezulka, Copy Editor

Love is something that exists deep within all living creatures. It is a natural occurring essence, flowing ever so freely inside of us constantly. It is a core part of our being that brings affection to our souls; giving humans a gift to be compassionate, kind and rise with positivity. Love, itself, plays the greatest role in existence, even greater than money. 

Love in Early Infancy  

Humans are born into this world before the use of money. Love comes first. It is an emotion that is felt even as early as inside a mother’s womb. Being loved and feeling that love, is one of the most vital parts of an infant’s life. If a child is not given enough love and affection early off, they may have a difficult time with future endeavors growing up. Lack of love as a child can cause distress in someone’s mental and even physical health as an adult. Love is needed for your overall growth as a human being. 

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs 

I think it is obvious money plays a huge factor in this world in which humans inhabit. Money is enormously important for our survival. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, created by Abraham Maslow, explains a psychological theory of the five layers of human needs. The first need that is to be met, is the physiological needs. Which in other words, is shelter, air, food, water, and rest. To be successful in achieving the first tier of Maslow’s Needs, money of some sort, is needed. Though, do note, that love is also a stage that needs to be met to fully become granted self-actualization.  

Money Hungry Society 

Even though money can make life easier, it also brings upon a lot more difficulties. Society is surrounded by cash flow that has created consumer hungry economies throughout the planet. We know we need money to buy the things we NEED. But within the world in which we live, it is now more about what we WANT due to consumerism. The world’s population is getting sidetracked by mass consumption of material items verses what is right in front of them.  It is important to remember you do not need currency to have love. Love is something intangible and even better yet, FREE! 

Loving Others 

It is not just about feeling loved, or being loved, it is also important for us to spread the love. You know the feeling of belonging you get when someone shows you affection? Well, other people are supposed to feel that too. In order for people to feel love, it is up to us to provide it.There is a term called, skin hunger, that explains how our bodies do not only get hungry for food or thirsty for water or tired for rest, we also feel the same hunger for affection. Our bodies NEED water, food, and rest to survive. Research states this is the same for love. There was a study done involving 509 adults. Those with high levels of skin hunger were more prone to being unhappier than the ones with low levels. Their overall physical and mental health took a drastic toll on them due to the lack of affection they were not receiving.   

Love is something that comes naturally. It is within us. It is a part of us. It is a part of all in which surrounds us. It is as natural as the air we breathe, as the sun that shines and the moon-lit sky. There is nothing that can conquer love. No amount of money, fame, or fortune stands a chance. Because without it, there is no meaning to that fortune. There is no meaning to that fame. Love brings the greatest meaning to life.