‘Bill and Ted face the music’: A most impressive adventure 


Tribune News Service

Ted “Theodore” Logan played by Keanu Reeves, left, and Bill S. Preston Esquire by Alex Winter return for “Bill and Ted Face the Music.”

Eimy Gonzalez , Staff Writer 

The ultimate best of friends Bill and Ted come back to the big screen after almost 30 years to surprise us with another of their most excellent adventures.  

This time, Director Dean Parisot takes on the task to recreate the fantastic lives of these dudes now in a future desperate of union AND saving.  Parisot truly satisfied my expectations by bringing Bill & Ted’s original cast into motion. Keanu Reeves, Alex Winters, George Carlin, William Sadler, and more made this film truly exciting.   

The “Bill and Ted” movies have entertained those lovers of absurd comedy for years and even though I had some doubt regarding the outcome of this film, as its so far apart in time from the rest, I must say, this new addition did not disappoint.  

The pair, now married individuals and astounding dads, are taken to the future to complete the song prophesized to save the world as we know it.   

This becomes a quest like no other as they travel through time to find themselves and collect the music masterpiece. Although this time there is a twist to the story, as Bill and Ted start off on their journey, their own daughters take a trip through time as well in an effort to help their dads.  It truly goes beyond anything you can imagine.  

In my opinion, most recent comedy films do not have that spark it takes to really bring out a good laugh. It becomes harder to stumble upon something that will do more than coax out a smile. This picture was an exception. I was laughing consistently by how ridiculous some of the scenes and dialogues were, not to mention their attitudes overall. I had a blast following their travels. 

This film was sincere, innocent, exciting, and full of music. By those who grew up watching Bill and Ted, and even those who did not, you can end up with a great and adventurous evening by watching this mind-blowing film.