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Remembering Stan ‘The Man’ Lee

Remembering Stan ‘The Man’ Lee

Matt Withers, Arts Editor

November 21, 2018

Filed under Arts & Culture

Lee’s career began in 1941 at age 17 when he wrote a small section of a Captain America comic. It was 20 years later where he firmly cemented his legacy. When Lee was an editor, he was tasked with revitalizing Marvel’s superhero catalogue in response to rival company DC.

These five films highlight the summer movie season

These five films highlight the summer movie season

Tom Richardson, Staff writer

May 7, 2014

Filed under Arts & Culture, Top Stories

People always seem to know what kind of movies trip their trigger, but during the summer movie season, it’s hard to narrow it down to the “must-see” titles. Here is a list of five films to look forward to this summer, that many others are also highly anticipated. These are five different films,...

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