The Clarion

Key issues for Madison College students

Bailey Ayres and Megan Behnke

March 23, 2016

We recently polled a class of 15 Madison College students representing varying areas of study and ages to find out what their top concerns are as students heading to the polls on April 5. The top six issues they cited were: security/campus carry, student loan debt and tuition, access to health care,...

Mail bag: Letters to the editor

December 3, 2012

Making tuition more expensive not the right path for student loans The article told us that it takes 19 years to pay off student loan debt, which is affecting students’ ability to afford new cars and houses. The article also said that student loan debt is $1 trillion, even more than credit card...

High tuition rates bring world-wide student response

Cristalyne Bell & Sarah Blaskey, Staff Writers

January 12, 2011

As classes resume, students are again faced with the frustration of paying high tuition rates. Less governmental support for education due to the international economic crisis has led to budget cuts, tuition increases and privatization. For months students around the globe have been protesting for...

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