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Public Safety officer Joseph Steffan on his rounds of the Truax campus wearing a taser on his left hip.

Taser resolution passed by board

Daniel Herron, Multimedia Editor January 22, 2014

The resolution for allowing full-time Public Safety at the college to carry Tasers was passed this month and full-timers started to carry them on campus prior to the first day of classes. The resolution...

Tasers could help ensure safety of first responders, others

Jacob Ennis, Managing Editor December 11, 2013

When the police show up after someone has broken into your home, you would expect them to show up carrying a firearm. When you are running from a mugger and see a police officer, you’re going to want...

Arguments against arming Public Safety officers with tasers

Colin Bowden, Staff writer December 11, 2013

Safety. We use that word so loosely at times it can seem to mean everything and nothing at once. It can mean peace and war, noise and silence, weapons and the lack thereof. Such times call for moral and...

Public Safety Director Jim Bottoni holds the type of taser he would like officers to carry.

Public Safety to propose arming officers with Tasers

Ryan Spoehr, News Editor December 11, 2013

At the Madison College District Board meeting later tonight (Dec. 11), Public Safety will give a presentation on the potential deployment of Tasers to full-time officers. Public Safety is proposing...

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