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Sanders an independent candidate

Tannen Todd, Staff Writer October 16, 2014

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) announced recently that he is considering running for President in 2016.  To this I say, “run Bernie, please!” This country has been without a leader that is for the...

Campaign trail: Where Obama stands on selected issues

Jacob Ennis, Managing Editor October 30, 2012

Where President Obama stands on selected issues from the campaign. CHINA President Obama has drawn criticism from the Romney campaign for not being tough enough on China. The Obama Administration...

Campaign trail: Where Romney stands on selected issues

Jacob Ennis, Managing Editor October 30, 2012

A look at where presidential candidate Mitt Romney stands on issues dealing with China, energy, health care and education. CHINA Romney agrees with a stronger military presence in the Asia-Pacific,...

Getting facts, policies straight with presidential candidates

Jacob Ennis, Managing Editor October 30, 2012

There are some claims about Obama and Romney that may be true, may be false or may just be confusing. Romney said “Obama hasn’t even passed a budget” This is somewhat true, since the President...

Third party candidates and their impact on national elections

Brandon Allen-Trick, Staff Writer October 30, 2012

It seems as though in every election cycle this same debate arises. Is it worthwhile to vote for a third party candidate, or is it just throwing your vote away? The truth, as in many things, lies in the...

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