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Minimum wage needs to be raised

Mary Joan Nastri, Staff Writer December 10, 2015

Twelve dollars-fifty cents per hour. That was my salary as a freshman in college, which was over 25 years ago, when the federal minimum wage was $3.35 per hour. Many jobs pay more than the federal minimum...

Sometimes being a student saves you money

Jessica Ayala, Staff Writer September 16, 2015

Students at Madison College have a lot of expenses. Luckily, your status as a student makes you eligible for many discounts. Microsoft Office - Madison College has an agreement with Microsoft to provide...

Balance money and happiness in career choices

October 10, 2013

Daniel Herron Multimedia Editor College is a gamble.  We bet our GPA that we can pass our classes.  We bet our tuition that we can make our degree earn.  We bet our time and our money and our...

Manziel is right to say ‘Show me the money’

Nicholas Garton, Sports Editor September 24, 2013

Rules. For some people that word represents order, safety and regulation. For others that word represents authorities over-stepping their bounds and making life difficult. Then there’s NCAA Football....

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