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Mail bag: Letters to the editor

December 3, 2012

Making tuition more expensive not the right path for student loans The article told us that it takes 19 years to pay off student loan debt, which is affecting students’ ability to afford new cars and houses. The article also said that student loan debt is $1 trillion, even more than credit card...

Affording the debt

Ellen La Luzerne, Staff Writer

October 9, 2012

High levels of student debt are having a profound effect on students and the economy. Nationally, student loan debt tops one trillion dollars surpassing credit card debt. The Institute for One Wisconsin recently released a study on the economic impact of student loan debt.  Scott Ross, Executiv...

Your debt, your problem

Your debt, your problem

Garth Beyer, Staff Writer

October 9, 2012

Available grants, scholarships can help reduce your debt burden Imagine that two college students graduate with the same degree at the same time, but one has secured $40,000 in student loan debt alongside their Bachelors, while the other student accumulates a little over a thousand dollars. Who is s...

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