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Are we being too sensitive?

Patrick Kempfer, Opinion Editor November 10, 2015

Free speech is but one of the key components of a democracy, and a right that Americans have been advocating for and fighting about for centuries. As a journalist, an American, and a free thinker, free...

Unlimited political contributions put price on free speech

Andrea DeBauche, Opinion Editor October 23, 2013

On Oct. 8, the Supreme Court heard the arguments for McCutcheon v. Federal Election Committee, concerning the limit an individual can donate to political campaigns. Shaun McCutcheon, a wealthy Alabaman...

Voicing Dissent

Voicing Dissent

Ellie Dahlquist, Outreach Coordinator September 10, 2013

Over at least the past decade, it seems our rights have been gradually slipping away from our grasps. “These legislators won’t listen to us. We could email our legislators til our faces are blue,...

Money drowns out many voices in political arena

Jennifer Abplanalp, Opinions Editor June 28, 2011

The United States' practice of equating money to free speech has mutated Wisconsin, now infamously, into Fitzwalkerstan. It has plunged the state into a delicate dance between democracy and plutocracy...

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