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A healthier way to survive college: make good meal choices

A healthier way to survive college: make good meal choices

Evan Halpop, Staff writer

May 7, 2014

For some students, eating at school or grabbing something from a fast food restaurant is the easiest way to get through the day while they go to class and study. Anna Marie Hoffmann, Madison College health educator, says that the convenience of these foods isn’t always worth the negative impact on...

Cut out fructose to improve health

Daniel Herron, Multimedia Editor

April 10, 2014

America is fat. According to a number of studies, the majority of Americans are now considered overweight. Many have explored the causes and potential cures for this epidemic, but a lot of that research does not get to the general public due to the politics and money involved. There have been a lot...

Phi Theta Kappa helps students learn healthy eating

Fanta Sylla, Staff writer

October 10, 2013

Soul music is playing in the background. Students are sitting around tables. It’s Friday, and people are celebrating the end of Phi Theta Kappa’s healthy eating campaign “Keep it Fresh, Keep it Simple.”  In a relaxed ambiance, Makiko Omori, Phi Theta Kappa’s vice president of Scholarship who...

Cheesehead goes vegan

Natalie Sowl, Page Designer

August 26, 2013

Growing up in Wisconsin instilled in me a very particular set of food values. Cheese is God; Beer is King; and those who don’t like sauerkraut on their brats are not to be trusted. While this mentality is undeniably delicious, it leaves a lot to be desired in terms of actual nutritional value. Luckily,...

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