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‘Happy Time’ almost worth the time

‘Happy Time’ almost worth the time

Damara Gillett, Graphic Designer

September 12, 2018

“Happy Time Murders” had promise as a premise. Murder mystery, cop drama, puppets, raunchy humor, an R-rating – it looked to be a recipe for an interesting watch. And it was interesting. Some of the jokes did land, and I came out of the movie feeling like it wasn’t a waste of my time. ...

Dina Nina Martinez brings diversity to Madison comedy scene

Dina Nina Martinez brings diversity to Madison comedy scene

Stephanie Riedel, Staff Writer

October 13, 2015

Dina Nina Martinez sweeps through the cafe like a force of nature, smiling warmly at the barista. “How are you?” she asks with an emphasis on the word “you,” her cat eye sunglasses nestled into the black bandana wrapped around her head like headband. The barista is pleased to see Martinez,...

Atlas Improv – a different show every night

Atlas Improv – a different show every night

Brighid Monahan, Staff writer

September 29, 2015

Teacher and outreach director by day and comedic genius by night, Josh Johnson and Ben Taylor, both members of Atlas Improv, took off their proverbial suit and glasses for a comedy show of superhero status. Put the two of them on stage together and what do you get? An outrageously funny skit...

Local comedians hope to survive The Cut

Natalie Connors, Editor in Chief

October 29, 2014

Planning usually comes before performance. Putting on a live theatrical production typically involves line memorization, set creation, and many hours of long, well-thought out work. But there’s more than one way to set a stage. At Atlas Improv company, things run a little differently. Improv, short...

‘Iron Sky’ has wit and charm for an otherwise serious set of topics

‘Iron Sky’ has wit and charm for an otherwise serious set of topics

Luke Kokinos, Staff Writer

September 25, 2012

“Iron Sky” has been grabbing attention for almost two years as the film about Space Nazis, and thanks to Tugg and Dane101, a screening in the Madison area was provided. After many budgetary constraints, the film was finally able to paint us the world of 2018, imagining Sarah Palin as President, and...

Second City comedy troupe can still make you laugh out loud

Eric Daft, Clarion Staff

April 10, 2012

The Second City, who have had famous past members such as John Belushi, Bill Murray, and Dan Aykroyd, have continued on a legacy of excellent humor with the members participating now. Keeping up with sketches that have been done by those famous comedians and more recent comedic geniuses such as Stephen...

SNL star shines on State Street

Brooke McGee, Clarion Opinions Editor

October 12, 2011

Need an idea for a great date? Tired of your normal State Street bar scene? Grab a highlighter and keep this paper then because Saturday Night Live’s Seth Meyers, will be hosting a comedy show at the Barrymore Theatre here in Madison, Wis. on October 19. With jokes ranging from futon hookups to...

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