Madison’s ‘Ride of Silence’ is scheduled for May 18

Sherra Owino, Assistant Editor

With the hope of warmer weather around the corner, more people are looking to get outside in the coming weeks to participate in fitness activities. Madison has a number of activities throughout the summer, from land to water. According to one source, Madison ranks No. 17 in the country as a top city for being bike friendly.

Unfortunately, being bike friendly doesn’t mean that accidents never happen. This is the reason for a biking event on Wednesday, May 18. It’s called “Ride of Silence” and it is “to honor those who have been injured or killed while cycling on public roads and to raise awareness of cyclists’ rights on the road” according to the description listed on

The ride is from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. and will go the 13 miles around Lake Monona, starting at Orton Park on Spaight Street.

The unique aspect of this event is that the ride is to be made in silence with no conversation apart from what’s necessary for safety reasons. According to the website, the pace is to be 10 mph in honor of those cyclists killed and injured around the world and locally.

There’s to be a couple stops along the way with more details found on the Eventbrite website.

While it’s to be somber and respectful, it’s for a good cause and is even listed as being free! The site doesn’t list if there’s a place for donations.

The official route can be found on the Ridespot app at this link:

For full details, visit this site: