The state is set for the College Football Playoffs

Boh Suh, Staff Writer

The last week of college football before the College Playoff (CFP) Committee made its selections did not create much chaos.  

If No. 5 Oklahoma had beaten No. 9 Baylor, then the committee would have faced its toughest decision about who to include.  

Consider the following: Alabama beat Georgia, so Alabama should be in in the playoffs. Georgia earned a playoff berth with its dominant season, except for the SEC championship. Michigan is the Big Ten champion, so they should be in. Cincinnati is 13-0, so they should be in.  

Fortunately, Oklahoma State lost, so it was easy for the committee to choose their top four teams – Alabama, Michigan, Georgia and Cincinnati. 

That means two Southeastern Conference (SEC) teams, Alabama and Georgia, one Big Ten team, Michigan, and one Group of Five Conference team, Cincinnati, will all take the big stage. 

Now, Alabama is facing Cincinnati and Michigan is facing Georgia in semifinal game. Currently, Alabama is 13.5 points favorite, and Georgia is 7.5 points favorite according to ESPN.  

Things can change from now until the actual games begin on Dec. 31, but it seems like most prognosticators expect an Alabama and Georgia rematch in the College Football final. Of course, many non-SEC fans hope to see Michigan and Cincinnati play each other, but we will see what happens. 

What will be interesting between Alabama and Cincinnati is that the Bearcats are the underdog. Alabama was fueled by being an underdog against Georgia, and they were able to take down No. 1 Georgia team in the SEC championship game.  

Now, the role is reversed. Cincinnati has been undervalued the whole season, and is an underdog while Alabama is in its usual position. Will this make a difference? 

The key point between Michigan and Georgia is how much Georgia recovers from the loss against Alabama. Georgia has been the best team unanimously until last week. Is the loss going to be their medicine to beat Michigan or is the damage unrecoverable?  

Also, this is the first time Michigan, not Ohio State is representing the Big Ten in the playoffs.  Many felt coach Jim Harbaugh was in a hot seat last year after falling to Ohio State again, but he proved everyone wrong and showed why he was the right man to lead Michigan. 

My prediction is Cincinnati vs. Michigan in the College Football Playoff Final, and Michigan becomes the College Football Playoff champion for the first time.  

Yes, I know. People say I should never gamble, but I really like the motivation by Cincinnati and the new look of Michigan team this year. Time will tell in a few weeks and college fans cannot wait.