Rivalry week could bring lots of surprise victors

Boh Suh, Staff Writer

Rivalry week in college football always brings surprising results. Some teams have been struggling the whole season, but then they spoil the last game for their rival.  

My biggest upset pick starts with Auburn beating Alabama. To be honest, it is a 50/50 game for me because as much as Alabama struggled to win this season, so did Auburn. 

If Auburn was in the top 25, I would have more faith in Auburn to pull off the victory. But it will be a closer game than what people predict. 

The next possible upset is Stanford beating Notre Dame. Stanford has been struggling the whole season, except when they knocked out No. 3 Oregon a few weeks ago. And then, they went back to their routine, and they are sitting at a 3-8 record. 

What would be a great way to finish the season? End Notre Dame’s playoff hope. That seems like a good motivation for Stanford. 

Another one is Mississippi State beating Ole Miss. This is rather an important game for Ole Miss because the highest ranked Southeastern Conference (SEC) team is likely going to New Year’s six bowl game. The home team has won three years in a row, and the game is at Mississippi State this year. 

The next upset I see is Nebraska beating Iowa. Nebraska has another dreadful season with a 3-8 record. However, they may be the best 3-8 team in the nation. 

I am not saying this in a sarcastic way, but if you look at their games closely, all their losses against good teams were within 10 points. 

They played Oklahoma (away), Michigan State (away), Wisconsin (away), Michigan (home), Purdue (home) and Ohio State (home).  

Some people may laugh at Nebraska’s record, but I believe that they will be fighting for the Big Ten Championship game within a few years. Even next year may be a scary season for this team. 

No. 1 Georgia vs. Georgia Tech – Georgia 

No. 2 Alabama vs. Auburn – Auburn 

No. 3 Oregon vs. Oregon State – Oregon 

No. 4 Ohio State vs. No. 6 Michigan – Ohio State 

No. 5 Cincinnati vs. East Carolina – Cincinnati 

No. 7 Michigan State vs Penn State – Michigan State 

No. 8 Notre Dame vs. Stanford – Stanford 

No. 9 Oklahoma State vs. No. 13 Oklahoma – Oklahoma State 

No. 10 Wake Forest vs. Boston College – Wake Forest 

No. 11 Baylor – Texas Tech – Baylor 

No. 12 Ole Miss vs. No. 25 Mississippi State – Mississippi State 

No. 15 Wisconsin vs. Minnesota – Wisconsin 

No. 14 BYU vs. USC – BYU 

No. 16 Texas A&M vs. LSU – LSU  

No. 17 Iowa vs. Nebraska – Nebraska  

No. 18 Pittsburgh vs. Syracuse – Pittsburgh 

No. 19 San Diego State vs. Boise State – San Diego State 

No. 20 NC State vs. North Carolina – NC State 

No. 21 Arkansas vs. Missouri – Arkansas 

No. 22 UTSA vs. North Texas – UTSA 

No. 23 Utah vs. Colorado – Utah 

No. 24 Houston vs. UConn – Houston