A disastrous week for some teams chasing the college football playoffs

Boh Suh, Staff Writer

For some teams, week 12 was a chance to boost their resume, while it was a disastrous week for other teams and conferences.  

With a loss against Clemson, Wake Forest is 9-2 and is out of the playoff race. Some could argue what if Wake Forest becomes a two-loss ACC champion?  Unfortunately, even with the championship belt, the chance that the ACC sends a team in the playoff is slim to none at this point. 

Why? Because the College Football Playoff Committee did not think highly of the ACC in the first place. When the first CFP ranking came out in week 11, the highest ranking the ACC had was ninth, which was held by an unbeaten Wake Forest. They were behind a one-loss teams like Alabama, Oregon, Ohio State and Michigan. 

The next highest ranked team in the ACC? Let me see, North Carolina State at No. 19. The only hope that the ACC had was Wake Forest going undefeated. However, Wake Forest lost two weeks ago against North Carolina and then lost again against Clemson.  

So that is it. The ACC is not going to send a team to the playoff. 

The Pac-12 conference is in a similar situation. Many people assumed that Oregon was going to run the table, especially after a win against Ohio State in earlier season. However, Utah stopped them, destroying Oregon and the Pac-12’s hope to send a team to the playoff. At this point, it is likely that Oregon is out unless every other team in top 10 loses. 

On the other hand, Cincinnati looks like it will be selected for the first time as a Group of Five Conferences. All they do is win, and with a dominant win against SMU, Cincinnati is bound to be top four this week.