Don’t expect many college football upsets this week

Boh Suh, Staff Writer

I do not have that many upset picks for week 11. There are some juicy games where I think the upset could have happened if a team did not lose a previous week.
For example, I think Baylor could take down Oklahoma if they hadn’t lost last week. I also think that Virginia could challenge Notre Dame if they did not lose a thriller against BYU last week.
But I still think those games will be much closer than what the ranking shows.
My biggest game upset prediction is going to be No. 21 North Carolina State beating Wake Forest. The circumstance is perfect.
Wake Forest just lost a close game against North Carolina, so they are a little bit disappointed. On the other hand, North Carolina State just won on the road against Florida State, so they are ready.
This is a crucial game for both teams because whoever wins the matchup is likely going to represent the Atlantic Coast Conference’s Atlantic Division in the conference championship.
Wake Forest must win its remaining games to have a shot at the College Football Playoffs. If Wake Forest loses this game, the ACC is done for sure.
Here are my picks:
No. 1 Georgia vs. Tennessee – Georgia
No. 2 Cincinnati vs. South Florida – Cincinnati
No. 3 Alabama vs. New Mexico State – New Mexico, just kidding Alabama
No. 4 Oklahoma vs. No. 18 Baylor – Oklahoma
No. 5 Oregon vs. Washington State – Oregon
No. 6 Ohio State vs. Purdue – Ohio State
No. 7 Notre Dame vs. Virginia – Notre Dame
No. 8 Michigan State vs. Maryland – Michigan State
No. 9 Michigan vs. No. 23 Penn State – Michigan
No. 10 Oklahoma State vs. TCU – Oklahoma State
No. 11 Texas A&M vs. No. 12 Ole Miss – Ole Miss
No. 13 Wake Forest vs. No. 21 North Carolina State – North Carolina State
No. 15 UTSA vs. Southern Miss – UTSA
No. 16 Auburn vs. Mississippi State – Auburn
No. 17 Houston vs. Temple – Houston
No. 19 Iowa vs. Minnesota – Iowa
No. 20 Wisconsin vs. Northwestern – Wisconsin
No. 22 Coastal Carolina vs. Georgia State – Coastal Carolina
No. 24 Louisiana vs. Troy – Troy
No. 25 Pittsburgh vs. North Carolina – Pittsburgh