8 upsets result in chaotic week in college football

Boh Suh, Staff Writer

Week 10 in college football was absolutely chaotic. Two of the top 10 teams lost, and there was a total of eight upsets for top 25 teams.
Some of the top 10 teams barely survived including Oregon, Ohio State, and Cincinnati. However, a win is a win still, so they can keep their position.
On the other hand, No. 3 Michigan State and No. 9 Wake Forest will go down in their rankings after the loss against unranked teams, Purdue and North Carolina respectively.
It is likely that Purdue (6-3) will be ranked top 25 in College Football Playoff (CFP) ranking, which comes out on Tuesday, so the damage can be minimized. Purdue beat Iowa when Iowa was ranked two a few weeks ago, so this is their second win against top 5 teams this year.
Will they make it three when they face Ohio State next week? It is unlikely, but we will see what happens.
On the other hand, North Carolina (5-4) is very likely to be out of top 25, which puts Wake Forest in a tough situation. Even after a 8-0 start, the CFP committee decided to give them a ninth spot. This implies that the committee is not impressed with their strength of schedule.
Wake Forest has not faced any top 25 opponents yet, so it is difficult to make a case for their playoff berth. Of course, if Wake Forest went undefeated as the ACC champion, they are in whether their strength of schedule is not good. The CFP committee will not leave out an undefeated Power 5 conference champion.
However, one loss will likely put them in between 13 and 17 in this upcoming ranking. And Wake Forest needs an absolute chaos in the next few weeks to make it to the playoff.
Oklahoma from Big 12 conference is in a similar situation as they were ranked in the No. 8 in the latest CFP ranking. However, Oklahoma still has a few great matchups left in their schedule including away game at Baylor and Oklahoma State. After a loss this week, Baylor will still be top 25, and Oklahoma State will be top 10 after this week.
However, they are in a better situation than Wake Forest. We will see what kind of chaos will be in college playoff world next few weeks.