Expect to see a number of college football upsets this week

Boh Suh, Staff Writer

This week, I have four upset picks among the Top 12 teams. The biggest upset pick I have is Iowa against Wisconsin. It is a perfect situation for Wisconsin because Iowa just lost a home game against Purdue, which resulted in Iowa dropping its ranking from No. 2.  

Iowa had a bye week last week to recover its painful loss against Purdue. However, their momentum is a little bit slowing down at this point. On the other hand, Wisconsin has won three straight games after the loss against Michigan to make the Big Ten West division interesting.  

Believe it or not, if Wisconsin wins out, Wisconsin will go to the Big Ten Championship game. Currently, Iowa and Minnesota are one game ahead of Wisconsin. However, if Wisconsin beats both of them, Wisconsin has the head-to-head advantage for the West division title.  

If Wisconsin wins the Big Ten championship game, Wisconsin will go to the Rose Bowl. I know I used many ifs in the scenario, but I’d rather have a 1% chance than a 0% chance. The chance of  

Wisconsin to make it to the College Playoffs is pretty much zero, even if Wisconsin wins out. However, having a realistic chance to go to the Big Ten Championship is definitely going to attract many Wisconsin fans after disappointing 1-3 start. 

No. 12 Kentucky and Mississippi State is another similar matchup. Kentucky was ranked 11th and faced Alabama. They had an opportunity to be in the Top 5, but they lost. It is a little disappointing for Kentucky players, and now they have a game at Mississippi State – a team that has played well at home this season. 

Here are my picks: 

No. 1 Georgia vs. Florida – Georgia 

No. 2 Cincinnati vs. Tulane – Cincinnati 

No. 4 Oklahoma vs. Texas Tech – Oklahoma 

No. 5 Ohio State vs. No. 20 Penn State – Ohio State 

No. 6 Michigan vs. No. 8 Michigan State – Michigan State 

No. 7 Oregon vs. Colorado – Oregon 

No. 9 Iowa vs. Wisconsin – Wisconsin  

No. 10 Ole Miss vs. No. 18 Auburn – Auburn  

No. 11 Notre Dame vs. North Carolina – Notre Dame 

No. 12 Kentucky vs. Mississippi State – Mississippi State 

No. 13 Wake Forest vs. Duke – Wake Forest 

No. 15 Oklahoma State vs. Kansas – Oklahoma State 

No. 16 Baylor vs. Texas – Baylor 

No. 17 Pittsburgh vs. Miami – Pittsburgh 

No. 19 SMU vs. Houston – Houston  

No. 21 San Diego State vs. Fresno State – San Diego State 

No. 22 Iowa State vs. West Virginia – Iowa State 

No. 24 Coastal Carolina vs. Troy – Coastal Carolina 

No. 25 BYU vs. Virginia – BYU