College football update: Cincinnati remains unbeaten

Boh Suh, Staff Writer

In the Week 6 Recap, I was writing about the unusual teams in the Top 5. Unfortunately, Iowa lost to Purdue a couple weeks ago, dropping them lower in the Top 10 (still very good). 

However, Cincinnati still has not lost a game yet and is currently ranked No. 2. Yes, they are ahead of Alabama, Oklahoma, Ohio State, Michigan, Oregon, Notre Dame, and many other powerhouse teams.  

And currently, they do not seem have any difficult games left to knock them out of the perfect season. I understand that anything can happen in sports, so there is a chance that Cincinnati loses this season. However, if they go undefeated, it will be difficult not to include them in the top four spots, particularly when other power houses have a loss.  

Cincinnati might not still be ranked No. 2 once the College Playoff Committee Ranking comes out. However, if Cincinnati goes undefeated this season, which includes a couple quality wins against Notre Dame and Indiana, Cincinnati should be in the playoffs. 

Another interesting team is Oklahoma. They are also undefeated, but they are currently ranked No. 4. Why? They keep winning against OK teams by just a little. They were losing against Texas and came back and won. They were down against Kansas who has a 1-6 record until the third quarter. These close calls have prevented Oklahoma from being ranked higher.  

Currently, their two biggest tests remain, against Baylor and Oklahoma State. Both games are away games and both opponents have done very well at home so far, which makes it more challenging for Oklahoma. 

The Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) has one undefeated team, Wake Forest, which is currently ranked No. 13. I know it is surprising not to mention Clemson in the ACC. However, Clemson is done with three losses already. If Wake Forest goes undefeated, I believe that they would make the playoffs. I doubt that the College Playoff Committee would leave an undefeated ACC champion out of the four spots.  

Wake Forest has three road games still against Clemson, North Carolina, and Boston College, so we will see what happens in a couple weeks.