Expect few upsets this week in college football

Boh Suh, Staff Writer

I have several upset picks this week, but I do not have anyone major ones in top 15. I think some games will be much closer than what the experts predict.  

For example, Alabama is 17.5 points favorite against Mississippi State. However, the game will be much closer than that. 

My reason behind this is that Alabama just had a devastating loss against Texas A&M, which ended their 100-game winning streak against non-top 25 teams.  

My observation throughout college and professional sports is that a team that loses a close matchup tends to struggle the next game. I have seen many top 10 teams losing a close matchup and barely survived against a team that they would have no problem beating by 30 points at any given day. 

 If those top 10 teams play at away game? The game score gets much closer. But it is Alabama, so they could crush Mississippi State by 50 points. Who knows? 

Another matchup that I found it interesting is No. 12 Oklahoma State against No. 25 Texas. Similarly, if Texas did not lose the close matchup against Oklahoma last week, I would be confident that Texas would run away with it. However, they blew an 18-point lead. How disappointing both the players and the coaches would have been? Fortunately, it is another home game, so Texas has a better chance of winning this time. 

My most confident upset pick is Baylor over BYU. Baylor has been great at home in the past few years while BYU just lost a close game to knock them out of top 10 spot. With a similar logic I mentioned earlier, BYU will struggle against Baylor.

Here are my picks for this week:

No. 1 Georgia (6-0) vs. No. 11 Kentucky (6-0) – Georgia 

No. 2 Iowa (6-0) vs. Purdue (3-2) – Iowa 

No. 3 Cincinnati (5-0) vs. UCF (3-2) – Cincinnati 

No. 4 Oklahoma (6-0) vs. TCU (3-2) – Oklahoma 

No. 5 Alabama (5-1) vs. Mississippi State – Alabama 

No. 9 Oregon (4-1) vs. California (1-4) – Oregon 

No. 10 Michigan State (6-0) vs. Indiana (2-3) – Michigan State 

No. 12 Oklahoma State (5-0) vs. No. 25 Texas (4-2) – Texas 

No. 13 Ole Miss (4-1) vs. Tennessee (4-2) – Ole Miss 

No. 17 Arkansas (4-2) vs. Auburn (4-2) – Arkansas 

No. 18 Arizona State (5-1) vs. Utah (3-2) – Arizona State 

No. 19 BYU (5-1) – Baylor (5-1) – Baylor 

No. 20 Florida (4-2) vs. LSU (3-3) – LSU 

No. 21 Texas A&M (4-2) vs. Missouri (3-3) – Texas A&M 

No. 22 NC State (4-1) vs. Boston College (4-1) – Boston College 

No. 24 San Diego State (5-0) vs. San Jose State (3-3) – San Diego State