The fall of Clemson and Wisconsin football teams

Boh Suh, Staff Writer

Week four was a disappointment for Wisconsin fans. Coming into the fourth quarter, Wisconsin was up 13 to 10 against No. 12 Notre Dame, but then I do not know what happened.
If someone tells me that a team can score 31 points in 13 minutes against Wisconsin, I would have laughed because it is unrealistic. Even Alabama probably cannot score 31 points against us in 13 minutes.
However, that is exactly what Notre Dame did. A couple turnovers definitely made it possible as Wisconsin had five turnovers in that game. The momentum shifted quickly after Notre Dame had a 96 yard kickoff return.
Anyway, the game knocked Wisconsin out of the Top 25. Wisconsin in on thin ice this season already, so we will see how Wisconsin turns around this year.
Clemson is another team having disappointing season. Even after their star quarterback Trevor Lawrence went to the National Football League, Clemson still has been getting top recruits, so they started the season ranked No. 3.
However, after losing against Georgia by seven points and barely winning against Georgia Tech at home, Clemson lost again against NC State. And there are no good matchups left for Clemson to climb up the ranking.
They can still become the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) champion, but the two loss ACC champion is likely out this year, especially after losing against Georgia. Basically, Alabama and Georgia are likely to see each other at the Southeastern Conference (SEC) championship game. It is likely that will Alabama beat Georgia, and both will make the playoffs.