Picking 3 big upsets in college football

Boh Suh, Staff Writer

I predict that there will be three upset games for week five of college football. I was on the fence whether I should pick Kansas State over Oklahoma because Oklahoma has struggled in the past two games against unranked teams, such as Nebraska (2-3) and West Virginia (2-2). Oklahoma is considered as a playoff contender this year, so it was disappointing when Oklahoma beat them by seven points and three points respectively at home. Away games in college football can be tricky, so we will see how it turns out.
The only reason I picked Oklahoma over Kansas State is that Kansas State beat Oklahoma last year at Oklahoma, so I believe that Oklahoma will be more motivated this time to take revenge.
The real possible upset this week is Kentucky against Florida. Kentucky has been surprisingly good in football in the past few years here and there. With a home field advantage, Kentucky definitely has a shot.
The next upset matchup is Wisconsin against Michigan. The only reason I think this is going to happen is because how Wisconsin has performed at home in the past decade. I just do not see them losing twice at home out of first three home games. To be honest, I was shocked with the lost to Penn State in week one because I have not seen Wisconsin lose at home for a while. However, after losing against Penn State and Notre Dame, Wisconsin needs a new game plan. Believe it or not, Wisconsin still can take the Big Ten title this year if they win all their remaining games.
The last upset would be LSU over Auburn. Auburn is actually a good team. They pushed Penn State to eight points at Penn State a couple weeks ago, but they barely survived against Georgia State last week. I think it was due to the close loss in the important matchup, so they were a little bit down. Then, why would I pick LSU over Auburn? Again, a home game advantage logic like the two other upsets. LSU is traditionally a good team and is hard to beat at home (alright except against Alabama, but who really can beat Alabama??). The loss against UCLA in week one was disappointment, but LSU has bounced back and even beat Mississippi State at away game. LSU should be ready to host Auburn.
No. 1 Alabama (4-0) vs. No. 12 Ole Miss (3-0) – Alabama
No. 2 Georgia (4-0) vs. No. 8 Arkansas (4-0) – Georgia
No. 3 Oregon (4-0) vs. Stanford (2-2) – Oregon
No. 4 Penn State (4-0) vs. Indiana (2-2) – Penn State
No. 5 Iowa (4-0) vs. Maryland (4-0) – Iowa
No. 6 Oklahoma (4-0) vs. Kansas State (3-1) – Oklahoma
No. 7 Cincinnati (3-0) vs. No. 9 Notre Dame (4-0) – Notre Dame
No. 10 Florida (3-1) vs. Kentucky (4-0) – Kentucky (Upset Alert)
No. 11 Ohio State (3-1) vs. Rutgers (3-1) – Ohio State
No. 13 BYU (4-0) vs. Utah State (3-1) – BYU
No. 14 Michigan (4-0) vs. Wisconsin (1-2) – Wisconsin (Upset Alert)
No. 15 Texas A&M (3-1) vs. Mississippi State (2-2) – Texas A&M
No. 16 Coastal Carolina (4-0) vs. UL Monroe (2-1) – Coastal Carolina
No. 17 Michigan State (4-0) vs. Western Kentucky (1-2) – Michigan State
No. 18 Freson State (4-1) vs. Hawaii (2-3) – Fresno State
No. 19 Oklahoma State (4-0) vs. No. 21 Baylor (4-0) – Oklahoma State
No. 20 UCLA (3-1) vs. Arizona State (3-1) – UCLA
No. 22 Auburn (3-1) vs. LSU (3-1) – LSU (Upset Alert)
No. 23 NC State (3-1) vs. Louisiana Tech (2-2) – NC State
No. 24 Wake Forest (4-0) vs. Louisville (3-1) – Wake Forest
No. 25 Clemson (2-2) vs. Boston College (4-0) – Clemson