Fantasy football sleepers to add this fall

Bo Suh, Staff Writer

In any fantasy sport, finding good sleepers will help your team tremendously. What I find interesting is that if you read enough fantasy football articles, every player is on someone’s sleeper list. Likewise, they all seem to be on someone’s bust list as well.  

How do we know which player is going to be a sleeper?  To be quite honest, I don’t know for sure. If I knew all the sleeper and bust picks, I would be in Las Vegas making money off it!  

There were some seasons that I got a bunch of sleeper picks right, and my team was unstoppable. Other seasons, my luck was not as good.  

If you have listened to many fantasy football experts talking, they are often wrong. Therefore, whatever you read or watch, take with a grain of salt.



1. Jalen Hurts (Philadelphia Eagles) – Hurts’ throwing may not be as impressive, but his rushing is what makes him valuable. He is capable of rushing 10 or more times per game with the potential for a rushing touchdown. With more experience gained from the last year, Hurts has a Top 5 quarterback potential. 

2. Justin Fields (Chicago Bears) – Fileds is another running quarterback available for people to draft. He had 1,133 total rushing yards with 19 touchdowns in his college career, and this running game will continue in the National Football League. Currently, Andy Dalton is listed as a starting quarterback, but it is a matter of time before Fields takes over, so stack him on bench for now. 

Running Backs 

1. Kareen Hunt (Cleveland Browns) – I understand that Hunt is a backup for the starting running back, Nick Chubb, but even as a backup running back, Hunt was busy in both running and receiving part of the game. If Chubb is out Hunt will have Top 10 potential. If you are going to draft Chubb, I highly recommend drafting Hunt as well. 

2. Mike Davis (Atlanta Falcons) – Davis filled in amazingly as a starting running back for the Carolina Panthers last year. Now he is with a new team, the Falcons, and has better job security as a starting running back. His passing ability also makes him valuable as Matt Ryan, the starting quarterback, will likely throw quite a bit.  

Wide Receivers 

1. Sterling Shepard (New York Giants) – Shepard finished strong last year with 17 receptions and 189 yards with two receiving touchdowns (and 24 rushing yards and a rushing touchdowns). The Giants added Kenny Golladay this offseason, but it is questionable how efficient he will be given his injury history. Currently, Golladay is drafted pretty high while Shepard is almost undrafted in many league, so you can get Shepard for cheap. In the worst case, you can drop him later without much investment. 

Tight End 

1. Rob Gronkowski (Tampa Bay Buccaneers) – My friends know that I draft big name players who may not be superstars anymore. Gronkowski came back last year with Tom Brady and finished as Top 10 tight end last year. More chemistry with Brady has been built in the new lineup in Tampa Bay, so Gronkowski has a Top 5 potential this year. 

2. Mike Gesicki (Miami Dolphins) – Gesicki was very quiet during  the first half last year, but then he showed what he was worth last year’s draft pick in the second half. With more chemistry built with a rookie quarterback, Tua Tagovailoa, it’ll be interesting to see the production of Gesicki in Tagovailoa’s second year.