Brewers have taken early lead in the National League Central

Boh Suh, Staff Writer

Let’s start with the news that the Milwaukee Brewers are in the first place in the National League Central Division with a 17-11 record. This is the second best record in the Major League Baseball right after the Kansas City Royals at 16-10.

I know there are plenty more games to go, but it is always good to see both the Brewers and the Bucks are doing well.

Currently, the Saint Louis Cardinals and the Washing Nationals are on four game winning streak and both are currently in the second place in the National League Central and East respectively.

On the other hand, the Detroit Tigers are on five game losing streak and had 1-9 record in the past 10 games. The Tigers are the only MLB team that has not won more than 10 games despite the fact they played the most games, 29 games.

The main concern is their offense because they have only scored 79 points. Without the three games against the Houston Astros back in early April when they won all three games and scored 20 runs during that span, they have only scored 59 runs in 26 games. That is 2.269 runs game, and it is difficult to get a win with that kind of offense.

The pitching has not been good either as they allowed 141 runs. They had one of the worst records in the MLB last year, and I wish them all the luck this year to turn their season around.