A month of games can reveal fantasy baseball trends

Boh Suh, Staff Writer

After a month of fantasy baseball, you can see how players have been doing in the past 29 games, unlike fantasy football in which you would only have four games to evaluate players.

Clearly, fantasy managers have more data to analyze in baseball than in football.

At this point, if your high draft pick is still struggling, you will need to make a decision soon. Trading that player is a possibility if you can get a good return.

For example, Francisco Lindor of the New York Mets had 19.7 average draft position, according to ESPN. If someone is offering Marcus Semien of the Toronto Blue Jays whose average draft position was is 119.6, it may not be the worst deal. However, we all know the feeling inside our head “What if he is going to do so much better after I trade him away?”

Yes, we never know what can happen in the future. The only thing you can do is try to figure out the reason why your players aren’t living up to expectations. Sometimes, it can be due to their minor injury that players have had since last season. Sometimes, it can be some personal issues. Both can be overcome, but depending on the gravity of the situation, some players may not return to their old form.

If you do not feel like trading for players, then dig into free agency to fill in that position. Here are some options you may consider.


Daulton Varsho (Arizona Diamondbacks) – He is my pre-draft sleeper pick. What I like about him is that he is eligible for both catcher and outfielder position. If he is just eligible for an outfielder position, I would not consider him as a sleeper pick. However, his eligibility as a catcher makes him extremely valuable. Last year, he hit three home runs and had three stolen bases in 100 at bats. He has a potential to make it 15 home runs and 15 stolen bases as a catcher! He just got called up to majors, so I would add him as soon as possible.

First Base

C.J. Cron (Colorado Rockies) – One thing to remember in fantasy baseball is to draft batters from the Colorado Rockies. They tend to perform much better, particularly at home. Also, I always monitor someone who played in the American League and now plays in the National League. They tend to perform better. Cron played seven years in the American League and had 30 home runs in 2018. He has power and is capable of hitting 30 home runs again, especially when he is playing for the Rockies.

Second Base / Shortstop

Josh Rojas (Arizona Diamondbacks) – Another Diamondbacks player! He is eligible for both second base and shortstop, so I put that in the same category. He had a three-game home run streak going and is on fire lately. It is rare to find this type of surge in the second base / shortstop position.

Third baseman

Isiah Kiner-Falefa (Texas Rangers) – This is another player who was on my sleeper list. He is also eligible for a shortstop position, so his value is even higher! He currently has five home runs and five stolen bases with .277 batting average. I did not expect him to perform this well, but enjoyed his hot streak in the past week (three home runs, one stolen base, and .346 average).


Tyler O’Neill (Saint Louis Cardinals) – He is on fire lately (two home runs, two stolen bases, and .393 average). Playing time has been an issue with O’Neill, but he has been delivering it since he received regular playing time. If you want some power and stolen bases? He is your guy.


Alex Wood (San Francisco Giants) – He is back to his old form now and is having a great season so far – 1.50 ERA and 0.61 walks plus hits per innings pitched (WHIP). Do you know who has a similar ERA and WHIP as Wood at this point? Gerrit Cole (1.43 ERA and 0.72 WHIP), one of the best fantasy baseball pitchers (well and real life baseball pitcher). Can Wood keep up?